The development of the LIKE MY IDEA solution is motivated by an increasing need to embrace the Lean principles of continuous improvement in enterprise organizations.

Continuous improvement is recognized as a powerful and effective way to improve critical business processes in order to retain the market position or to make it thrive.

Lean methodology gives special attention to added value for end users of products and services that an organization offers on the market. In other words, lean means creating more value for customers while using fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes on continuously increasing it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.



You can check our LMI demo and see more about LIKE MY IDEA at LIKEMYIDEA.COM:

Solution description

LIKE MY IDEA provides the platform for implementation of your continuous improvement process and allows every member of the community to express, elaborate and show his or her ideas to other members in an easy, fun and motivating way. In the following picture, you can see a detailed description of the process covered by LIKE MY IDEA.

Idea process

The process starts with some long or short term challenges that an organization faces which are categorized into specific topics. This is the so-called challenge principle of the continuous improvement process. These challenges are announced to the community and employees can contribute ideas or solutions to the specific challenge and vote for other ideas. After the number of votes reaches a predefined threshold, the idea can be graduated and it’s then immediately propagated to the continuous improvement process.

At this point, the workflow of the solution starts to take place which looks different for every organization. For example, three levels of approvals are needed in some organizations while in other organizations the approval and review process is much more complicated.

Employees involved in the idea creation can get feedback about the realization of their projects through social communities and they can be rewarded for their contribution. Management, on the other hand, can measure the project’s success and performance for selected ideas through a set of key metrics provided by the Business Process Management tool.

The following picture demonstrates the basic process (idea lifecycle) of the LIKE MY IDEA solution:

Basic features that LIKE MY IDEA covers are:

  • Management of continuous improvement activities and the lean process
  • Collaborative platform (social business network for employees)
  • Flexibility in adjusting to innovation management business processes of a specific organization
  • Knowledge database
  • Different mechanisms for motivation of employees:

o Gamification – employees can receive awards in the form of different types of badges. These badges also have values that have a direct influence on a member’s reputation or rank.
o Idea jam – timeframe for submitting the ideas can be limited for specific time period (e.g. each Monday from 8 am until 12 am).
o Voting limits – in an attempt to find only the best ideas, LIKE MY IDEA can be configured to limit the number of votes a user can give for an idea.


LIKE MY IDEA consists of two IBM platforms. Using IBM Connections as a collaborative platform, employees can spread the word about exciting ideas, vote for them and promote them, whereby implementing a process of continuous improvement.

After prospective ideas are selected, they are pushed into the business process management tool to start the approval process of their possible realization. The whole idea lifecycle is followed through BPM.

A solution that can fit your needs

CROZ offers a range of LIKE MY IDEA solutions to fit the needs and requirements of your organization.

Our customers can count on full support and consultancy provided by our expert team. With LIKE MY IDEA, an organization can effectively collect the best ideas from employees and build a motivating organizational atmosphere for innovation. The process of continuous improvement is itself driven by business process management. LIKE MY IDEA combines the best of social business and BPM platform to deliver a unique solution to the market.